Sarang Walet Waterfall Tetebatu

Sarang Walet Waterfall Tetebatu is a tourist destination in Tetebatu Village, Sikur District, East Lombok Regency.

Sarang Walet Waterfall Tetebatu is located twenty minutes walk away from the center of Tetebatu and thirty minutes from Tetebatu Monkey Forest.

Sarang Walet in English is swallow nest. The name Sarang Walet is given because at the location of the waterfall there was a swallow nest.

To enter this Sarang Walet Waterfall Tetebatu tourist spot, visitors only need to pay Rp. 5000 per person for local tourists and Rp. 20,000 for foreign tourists. From the ticket booth, visitors will continue the journey about 100 meters to the location of the waterfall. Along the way, visitors first pass dozens of stairs to descend the river.

Sarang Walet Waterfall Tetebatu

After passing dozens of stairs, visitors will pass a makeshift wooden bridge made by youths as young as local. The flow of the river flanked by narrow cliffs seems to make visitors feel like they are underground with water flowing from the edge of the cliff.

The river flow is ankle-deep, requiring visitors to take off their shoes. The reason is, before arriving at the location of the waterfall, visitors will pass through a cold river.

The eyes seemed to sparkle watching the beauty of God’s creation after seeing the appearance of the Swallow’s Nest Waterfall which was right underground. The splash of water that falls from a height of seven meters, with the echoing sound of water created from the cliffs gives its own color to this tour.

Water erosion on the edge of the cliff creates a large passage at the location of the waterfall. The chirping of the swallow also adds to the sensation of being in a cave. The beauty of the waterfall makes foreign tourists flock to visit this tour.