Tetebatu Is The oldest tourist village in the east of Lombok Islands, Indonesia. Tetebatu has mystical waterfalls, have vast rice fields, and have a very spectacular view of the Mountain, this is a scenic rural area located in 700m above sea level, and 15 kilometers linear distance south from the summit of Mount Rinjani. Here the world is still orderly, slowly more and more visitors are coming to Tetebatu.

Pondok Rinjani Bungalow

About Pondok Rinjani Bungalow

Pondok Rinjani Bungalow is an inn with a typical Tetebatu house concept, a comfortable environment and a cool rural atmosphere

Strategic location to various favorite tourist objects in Tetebatu

We also provide tour packages to various tourist objects around Tetebatu, passing through green rice fields to swimming in waterfalls.

We also provide a variety of culinary choices typical of the village of Tetebatu

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